Bands performed festival-style this year with two stages for even more music!
Set List for 2019 Was:

Brower Mechanical Firehouse Stage: 

Hans Anderson 4:00-4:45 PM 

Two Peace 5:45-6:45 PM


Platinum Living Amphitheater:

 Kurrency King & One Love Nation 4:45-5:45 PM

UrbanFire 7:10-8:10 PM

Arden Park Roots 8:30-10:00 PM

Arden Park Roots

In 2019, Arden Park Roots is already set to play several large festivals in the western US. They also plan to release their 5th full-length studio album in the fall. Watch for several singles to be released along the way!

•In 2017/18, APR continued to play festivals and other venues throughout the west. Streaming sales of albums and singles continued at a strong pace and their fan base continued to grow.

They have toured nationally over the past 10 years and have often averaged 150 shows a year.


Kurrency King & One Love Nation

International performing artists Glen Anderson, better known as Kurrecny King hails from St. Mary Jamaica and brings his unique spiritually provoked music to his fans all over the globe and is currently residing in Northern California. On his musical journey, beginning in the early 90s, Kurrency king has recorded and performed with artists such as with Luciano and Papa Curvin; King Hopeton and many more. performing at schools, festivals, and local venues. Kurrency king mission is to bring forth the current of love and light with some dance vibes and positive energy.



UrbanFire is Sacramento's Premiere Homegrown Reggae Band . Mannyman Martin. Pineapple. Paget. Ken. Nikki. Jeremy k.


Two Peace

Two Peace is a reggae/hip-hop band originally from Davenport, IA now residing in Sacramento, CA.

The band was formed in late 2011 but the story started a little prior to that. Vocalist and keys man, Nick Harksen, was pursuing his own musical journey as a solo artist. He released his first solo album “Ya Gotta Feel It” in 2009 and ironically enough Jacob Hahn (Bass man for Two Peace) had bought his very first copy. The friendship continued and while at a music festival in Alabama, Jacob got inspired to pick up the bass again and asked Nick if he could join him on his musical path. Nick agreed and Two Peace was born!

In 2013 Two Peace went to the California Roots Music Festival and decided that California is where they belonged and never looked back. After a few weeks of camping in their van and searching for jobs and a place to stay, Two Peace found their new home in Sacramento, CA. Since then they have played many shows all over Northern California opening for bands such as, Katchafire, Morgan Heritage, The Skints, The Green, Fortunate Youth, The Expanders, House of Shem and many other top reggae acts. They have also gone on their own tour from Sacramento down through Albuquerque, NM all the way to Iowa and back. Two Peace also had a short tour run with J Ras up through Oregon and Northern California. Also the most recent endeavor, Summer Tour 2017, hit eight states all the way from the west coast to the midwest.


Hans Anderson

My name Is Hans and I am a solo musician out of the Sacramento area. After a tragic motorcycle accident suffering a concussion and losing memory, I went to therapy to regain cognitive skills. My speech therapist often suggested music to help heal my brain. Since that time, I have not only learned what a precious gift music really is, but have also found my voice in the process. Today I give thanks for every day and find it such a blessing to share this gift with others. Playing a wide variety of styles and genres that are easy listening, soulful and bound to put a bounce in your step, I am pleased to share the groove with you!